The latest Windows software for the Mobius ActionCam can be downloaded here
(software is also compatible with #16 keychain camera HW V1, V2 and V3)

To download the Software, click on the link below

Latest Release: v. (6 November 2015)
  Software should run on Windows XP SP3 and above
(Note: Google Chrome will most likely flag this file as malware!! It is not!!)

Anyone is more than welcome to provide links to this page or to any files found on this server.
However, it is not permitted to copy this software to any other server (including the cloud, forums, threads, etc.) for redistribution.
Thank you for your understanding.

Language Resources (extract the dll to the same folder as the main GUI program)
Note: Automatic updates for language resources from v2.x.x.x to v3.x.x.x is not supported by the GUI

If you are interested in helping with a translation please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page

Important: Please always contact me before doing any translation!

This will avoid the possibility of two people doing the same translation at the same time!!!

Bulgarian Software coming soon

Greek Manual coming soon

Hebrew Software coming soon

Portuguese Software and Manual coming soon
Romanian Software coming soon
Serbian Software coming soon
Slovanian Software coming soon

Traditional Chinese, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by Mr. Chen Jianghua (陳江華 先生)
Czech, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by RevotechCZ (Official re-seller)
Dutch, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by San
French, v3.0.6.1 (30 October 2015) Translated by François Burnand
German, v3.0.6.2 (9 November 2015) Translated by (Offizieller DJI Distributor Deutschland)
Hungarian, v3.0.6.1 (3 July 2016) Translated by Zoltán Benko
Japanese, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by Ken-san see blog here
Polish, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by Paul
Russian, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by MobiusCamRU (Official re-seller)
Spanish, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by SirNoish
Turkish, v3.0.6.0 (25 September 2015) Translated by Isa Sari -

Mac and Android users
Click here for a Mac 64 bit cocoa version written by LorenzoG

Click here (Play Store) for an Android version written by Tomas Chladek

The Detailed Instruction Manual (User Guide)
The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software.
For those who prefer a printable copy (PDF) click on the link below

Latest English Version: MobiusManual.pdf (27 July 2015)

Catalan Version: MobiusManual_CAT.pdf (20 February 2014) Translated by Josep M. Boladeras
Czech Version: MobiusManual_CZ.pdf (18 April 2015) Translated by RevotechCZ (Official re-seller)
Dutch Version: MobiusManual_NL.pdf (8 August 2015) Translated by Co Boone - Digital Graphic Service (NL)
French Version: MobiusManual_FR.pdf (11 January 2014) Translated by Jean-Paul THEBAULT
German version: MobiusManual_DE.pdf (21 August 2013) Translated by Hape
Italian version: MobiusManual_IT.pdf (27 February 2015) Translated by Alessia / Alberto “Eyegaze” Donda
Japanese version: MobiusManual_JP.pdf (5 April) Translated by Ken-san see blog here
Polish version: MobiusManual_PL.pdf (6 January 2014)  Professionally translated by
Mateusz Ciechański - Evertec,
Romanian version: MobiusManual_RO.pdf (20 February 2014) Translated by Catalin Timofte
Russian version: MobiusManual_RU.pdf (8 May 2014) Translated by MobiusCamRU (Official re-seller)
Spanish version: MobiusManual_ES.pdf (24 February 2014) Translated by Roberto Castro García

The latest firmware can be downloaded from the URL below

Mobius Firmware And Configuration Information

If anyone is interested in translating the Manual, please contact me at my email address shown at the bottom of the page.

Please, do not email any support questions. I don't have the time or resources to answer.